CV Summary


  • Geographic Information Systems Technology M.S. — University of Arizona [Graduated 2020]
    • 4.0/4.0
    • Thesis: Assessing GIS visualizations of interferometric synthetic aperture radar analyses
  • Geophysics M.S. — University of Wisconsin-Madison [Graduated 2017]
    •  3.8/4.0
    • Thesis: Seismic tomography of volcanic system using seismic ambient noise and earthquakes
  • Geological Sciences B.S., Anthropology B.A., & Psychology minor —  Indiana University [Graduated 2014]
    •  3.823/4.0
    • General Honors Notation


  • Project Manager, Spatial Informatics Group [2021-present]
  • USGS Contractor for Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, Version 4, Creep Rate Project  [2020-2022]
  • NASA DEVELOP Georgia-Athens Location Lead [2020]
  • NASA DEVELOP Arizona-Tempe Location Lead / Geoinformatics Fellow [2019-2020]
  • NASA DEVELOP Arizona-Tempe Team Member [2019]
  • Arizona Geological Survey Student Worker [2019]

  • Assistant Instructor for  G429 geologic field camp course, Indiana University Judson Mead Geologic Field Station [2018]
  • Private tutor for physics and math [2018-2019]

  • Science, Math, and Spanish Instructor & Course Writer for Brightmont Academy [2017-2019]
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Assistant in  Geophysics lab [2014-2017]
  • United States Geological Survey intern through the National Association of Geoscience Teachers/ United States Geological Survey Cooperative Summer Internship Program [2014]
  • Indiana University Geophysics Lab Assistant for the Ozarks of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky seismic project [2013-2014]
  • Collections Cataloger and Lab Assistant in the Indiana University paleontology collections [2012]

Research Experience

  • Worked on a small team to complete a NASA DEVELOP National Program project – Ohio Energy: Restructuring the Energy Balance in Ohio by Quantifying Energy Loss and Solar Potential Using NASA Earth Observations and LiDAR [2019]
  • Completed seismic surface wave tomography of Laguna del Maule Volcanic Field [2014-2017]
  • Worked with Caltech researchers and the USGS Pasadena office to independently validate field observations through measuring stream offsets formed in the 1999 Hector Mine earthquake in the Mojave Desert using LiDAR data within LaDiCaoz (lateral displacement calculator) program [2014]
  • Carried out teleseismic tomography analysis for the Ozarks of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky seismicity project [2013-2014]
  • Completed paleoanthropology experimental research comparing dinosaur bite marks, extant crocodile bite marks, and tool markings on bones [2011-2013]
  • Analyzed sulfur isotopes for evaluation of economic viability in Shoals Gypsum mine by testing samples through pH alteration, Barium Sulfate collection by centrifuge, and mass spectrometer tests [2010]

Presentation Highlights

Hypothesized magma chamber of Laguna del Maule (Created using surface wave tomography visualized in MatLab)

Vertical deformation of land surface due to oil pumping (created using InSAR data in ArcGIS)

FIELDWORK Experience

  • Worked as an Assistant Instructor for seven-week G429 field camp course at the Indiana University Judson Mead Geologic Field Station, Montana [2018]
    • Intensive practice in geologic mapping, surveying, structural measurements, cross section and geologic map creation, rock and mineral identification, structural history analysis, topographic map and stereogram aerial photo reading, self-location, managing safety of large groups of people in the field
  • Led seismology team in installation and maintenance of 37 instrument seismic array at Laguna del Maule Volcanic Field, Chilean southern Andes [2015-2016]
    • Selected site locations on Google Earth; adjusting sites in the field as needed
    • Traversed field area by foot, horse, boat, and helicopter over four field seasons 
  • Completed paleoseismology field work in southern California for United States Geological Survey internship [2014]
    • Paleoseismology fieldwork in southern California utilizing sedimentary structure identification and 3-D laser scanner surveying
  • Installed seismic stations for OIINK, the Ozarks of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky seismicity project, as part of NSF funded Indiana University EarthScope project [ 2013]
  • Seven-week G429 field camp course at the Indiana University Judson Mead Geologic Field Station, Montana [2013]
    • Mapping, formation identification, structural measurements, cross section creation, self location, and microstructure comparison
  • Three-week anthropology field class in Oaxaca, Mexico [ 2012]
    • Cultural, linguistic, and archeological studies
  • Four-week paleontology field and lab course, “Stones & Bones” at the Green River Formation, Wyoming [2009]
    • University of Chicago and Field Museum collaborative program
    • Excavation and specimen preparation


  • NASA DEVELOP Tempe-AZ Location nominee for DEVELOPer of the Term [2019]
  • Weeks/Senger Research Assistantship, University of Wisconsin-Madison [2014-2017]
  • National collegiate ballroom dance novice standard champion [2014]
  • Indiana University Founders Scholar [2014]
  • Indiana University Crossroads symposium best undergraduate poster award [2014]
  • Selected for United States Geological Survey/National Association of Geoscience Teachers Cooperative Field Training Program [2013]
  • National collegiate ballroom dance silver standard champion [2013]
  • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation scholarship for Judson Mead Geologic Field Station Indiana University field course [2013]
  • Maynard and Winifred Coller Scholarship (awarded to one junior or senior IU geology student each year based on GPA) [2013] 
  • Professional Development Award in Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University (awarded to one undergraduate IU geology student per year for high GPA, departmental citizenship, and high future potential) [2012]
  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List at Indiana University [2010-2014]
  • Indiana University Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARS) Program [2010-2014] 
  • Accepted to Indiana University Honors College [2010]
  • Indiana University Excellence scholarship [2010-2014]

Continuing Education Trainings

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification [in progress 2023]
  •  NASA SERVIR Amazonia, ‘Geospatial Version Control Training’ [Completed 02/15/2022]
  • LinkedIn Learning course ‘Learning R’ [Completed 1/5/2021]
  • Short course in Ground Penetrating Radar (GSA annual meeting) [Completed 10/23/2020] 
  • Radar Monitoring Short Course, University of Arizona – Geotechnical Center of Excellence [Completed 6/8/2020]
  • Echoes in Space: Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing, EO College [Completed 01/16/2020]
  • The Business of Mining, EdEX Course (audited archived course) [Completed 12/15/2017]